Friday, October 20, 2006

NH officer shot by man whose life he helped save....

Police officer Michael Briggs of Manchester NH who was allegedly shot to death recently by Michael Addison, helped save Addison's life in 2003.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are New Hampshire's Light Bulb's Really Free?

I read a report where the New Hampshite State house is replacing all of its lightbulbs with special "energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights."

This will supposedly save the state thousands of dollars. And on top of that a Colorado company is providing them free.

Um, geezum crow... nothing is free... you gotta wonder what kind of deal is being cut with the Colorado company as a result.


Deluge in New Hampshire

State predicts more than 560,000 foliage tourists this weekend.

Geezum Crow, can they really fit that many more people in New Hampshire?


What is Geezum Crow?

Geezum Crow is an expression I commonly use instead of WTF.

I'll be posting articles on topics I usually get riled up about, or news articles that I read and I thought, WTF!