Saturday, December 22, 2007

Comments on the Real World

It's hard to know what is REAL anymore. The big news, at least among bloggers, in the past day or so are trivial.

For example.... reportedly naked photographs of a woman named Laure Manaudou, who is only known in France, or to Olympic swimming enthusiasts, was "leaked to the Internet." Some say don't bother to go looking for them, as the several web sites who originally published them have since withdrawn them.

Knitting is one of the most frequently searched for terms.... which conjures up images of grannies in their rocking chairs. People.. if you don't have it made by now, it ain't gonna be done by Christmas. Get them a gift certificate.

Do I dare type it? Wrong Paul eeerr RON Paul. I swear someone has paid off millions of bloggers to use this guy's name in vain.

Somehow I think the next three terms go together, but I haven't figured out how.
noelia massage red yes

Okay, I'm done.

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